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colors of kutchhColors Of Grace Natural Rug
Dimension:67x29 inches;

Indian carpets

Indian carpets and rugs have always been a symbol of esteem and royalty. Indian carpets are true marvelous pieces of art. India has been the center of arts and crafts since many centuries and

carpets and rugs have always been an indispensable part of Indian culture. Carpets and rugs are made in different parts of India but the most beautiful and masterpieces in carpets come from the valley of Kashmir.

Kashmir carpets

The Kashmir carpets are renowned worldwide due to the grace of these carpets which come out of tremendous hard work by artisans. The mesmerizing beauty of the Kashmir carpets reflect the beauty of the place itself. Kashmir carpets are the unique blend of Indian style and the Persian style of carpet weaving. These days the Kashmir carpets are surely the most sought after floor covering items in the world.

Crafts in India brings these royal carpets for the users on special prices. The carpets and rugs for sale on our site are different from which you see in stores. The colors of carpets available on our site, distinguish these carpets from the other carpets found in markets. The colors used in our carpets and cotton rugs are more subtle. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring the yarn. All shades of red, green, yellow, blue are used predominantly.

Handmade carpets

The carpets and rugs for sale on our site are all hand woven or hand made carpets. The yarns used in these carpets are either silk or wool or a combination of the two. Many of these carpets are also cotton carpets. In the carpets featured on our site, silk is used in the woolen carpets as well for extra sheen. The knots per square inches in these carpets are high. These carpets are known world wide due to their velvety soft touch.

Intricate patterns and marvelous designs of these carpets and cotton rugs will beautify your home beyond your imagination! The amazing assortment of these classy Kashmiri handmade carpets will make your home a paradise to live in. So what are you waiting for? Just place your order and get these pieces of flawless craftsmanship.

Red Pattern: Wool Carpet Rug
Red Pattern
Carpet Rug: Wool Carpet Rug
Carpet Rug
Cream Hue: Handmade Carpet
Cream Hue
Brown Crown:  Handmade Carpet
Brown Crown
Hand Woven Rug
Hand Woven Rug
Hand Knotted Rug
Mystery from sand-Hand Knotted Rug
Area Rug
Graceful Patterns-Area Rug
Natural Rug
Colors of Grace-Natural Rug
Jute Rug
Beauty of Kutch-Jute Rug


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