Crafts Centers of India- Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the main center for crafts & culture ranging from exquisite stone carving to silk to carpets and many more. The following are some of th major centers each of which are unique in their respective areas of craftmanship !


Bagh is famous for its block printing work. Block printing here is carried out by a community of printers called 'Chheepa' derived from the Hindi word "chhapna" meaning printing. The printers of Bagh use vegetable and natural dyes, specially extracted from roots of "Aal" or madder. The colors obtained are bright shades of red and black and also occasional indigo. The blocks are made of intricately stylized motifs. These prints have a tonal and a three dimensional effect, which have made them popular.


Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is known for zari work and items made from jute. Bhopal is the main center for zari work in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier zari work was done on traditional garments only, now days it is also done on purses, bags, tea cozies, and "jutties" or slippers.


It is the center of tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh and also of India. The tribal societies living in and around Bastar follow a number of craft traditions. The artistic energies of the tribal communities are visible in the terracotta items produced, which include, sculptures of tribal deities, figures of animals and human beings etc. Craftsmen here also create wood sculptures, depicting the tribal ethos. A variety of bamboo and cane items like, baskets, mats, floorings, and many other utilitarian items are also created.

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