Crafts Centers of India- Madhya Pradesh



Bherongarh near Ujjain, is an important block printing center in Madhya Pradesh. A large number of craftsmen here specialize in making printed jajams, quilts and odhnis. The quilts made in Bherongarh were exported to European countries during the rule of the East India Company. Today block-printed products like saris, dupattas, dress material, bed sheets, pillow covers, table clothes etc are also available.


It is known for its leather products like, shoes, bags etc.


It is known for terracotta. Life size images of human forms are among the finest examples of terracotta items made here. Ornate metal boxes are also produced here.


This town is known for its Chanderi saris. In the old days Chanderi saris were as popular as the Muslins from Dacca. Earlier these saris were purely made of cotton, but these days they come in cotton-silk combination or pure silk varieties. Chanderi saris are known for their subtle colors and depiction of natural motifs. Depiction of hunting scenes, human beings, animals, birds etc can generally be seen on these saris. These saris have a balanced appearance; between the body and the border colors and they are also produced in contrasting colors that soothe the eye.


The various tribal communities living in Chhatisgarh are engaged in woodcarving, bamboo and cane working and folk paintings.


It is famous for its leather products .

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