Chain stitch rugs and Namdas

Rugs and other types of floorings are popular and economical means of decorating the floors. Rugs and floor covering come in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Chain stitched rugs or Gabbas are popular in India. In the past chain -stitch rugs were considered as cheap floorings and their importance was less. In the course of time namdas and chain-stitch rugs have achieved the status of a full-fledged craft form.

These rugs have become so popular, that they are also being used as decorative pieces and wall hangings. Chain stitch rugs are not only popular in the domestic market but they are popular abroad.

Kashmir is the main center for chain-stitch rugs. Rugs are usually made of 65% Wool or Silk yarn and 35% cotton yarn. Chain stitch embroidery covers the entire surface of the rug

The embroidery done on the rugs is coarse in comparison with the fine embroidery done on traditional Kashmiri shawls. Traditionally pastel coloured Hessian cloth is used for chain stitch work, which is backed by a strong cotton fabric. The light pinks, blues, greens and creams are predominant colours. Woolen and cotton threads are used in creating these beautiful rugs. Chain stitching creates an embossed effect on the surface of the cloth. This effect is increased by the use of dark threads adjacent to light ones However these rugs come in a variety of colours and designs. Traditional Kashmiri floral motifs and patterns adorn the surface of these rugs. Apart from rugs and floorings chain-stitch work is also done on tablemats, tea sets, bags, curtains etc in Kashmir.

Gabbas are floorings made out of old blankets. Old blankets are pressed together and bold appliqué designs and motifs are attached to the surface with the use of chain stitch.
Designs and patterns on gabbas are floral, geometric or folk inspired. Gabbas are popular in Kashmir and they come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Namdas are small carpets or rugs. Though the namdas are small in size as compared to traditional carpets but they have the same intricate work and designs as found on large
carpets. Namdas from Bikaner and Tonk are known for their bright colours and creative designs.

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