Crafts Centers of India- Madhya Pradesh


The city of Gwalior was the royal capital in the bygone centuries. It was a seat of administration of numerous rulers. It was the capital of the erstwhile Scindhia rulers and their palace can still be visited. Gwalior is an important craft center of India and is known for a number of craft traditions that prevail there.

Craftsmen of Gwalior make birds, animals and panels of papier-mch. It is also an important center for knotted woolen carpets. The craft of carpet weaving is practiced here since the time of the Mughals. Woolen carpets from Gwalior have both, traditional motifs and modern designs.

Gwalior produces a number of craft items like lamps, baskets, flower vases, purses, mats etc made out of jute. The craftsmen here produce excellent jali or latticework on stone. Gwalior also has a tradition of leatherwork like bags, footwear, and stuffed leather toys.

Gwalior is one of the main centers in Madhya Pradesh for woodwork and is known for a variety of painted and lacqured wood items like, toys, boxes, bedposts, flower vases etc. The craftsmen of Gwalior do embroidery work on items like purses, jutties, etc.


Jute products, leather products, Zari work are the main activities with regard to Crafts.


Durries, Stone carving .


Maheshwar is the home of the famous Maheshwari saris. The tradition of Maheshwari saris was started by the austere queen Ahilya Bai, who belonged to the Holkar dynasty of Indore. The intricately carved pillars and walls of her palace and temple are the inspiration for the elaborately decorated borders of these saris. Maheshwari saris are made from pure silk and are known for their softness and luster. These saris come in numerous colors, inspired by nature. The motifs too are derived from mother nature.


Lacquered and painted wood.

Raigarh :

Utilitarian metalwork, tussar silk saris, durries, decorated terracotta tiles.


Jute Products.


Durries .



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