Crafts Centers of India- Uttar Pradesh


Etawah is known for its exquisite brassware.


Ferozabad is known for the production of glass bangles and utilitarian glassware. An entire community of skilled craftsmen is located here and is engaged in making high quality glassware. Ferozabad also produces fragile and lightweight glass beads.


Hand printing


Silver jewelry


Khamaria is known for the production of Gabbeh carpets


Khurja is famous for its glazed ware. The speciality of the pottery from Khurja lies in the light relief work done on the surface of the items. Pottery from this place is known for floral patterns and use of warm shades like orange, brown, light red etc in glazing. Intricate floral designs and patterns in sky-blue color are generally done over a white background. Pottery from Khurja not only includes pots but is also known for good quality tableware, tea set, dinner-set, jugs, flower vase etc.


Lucknow is world famous for 'Chikan' embroidery. As Chikankari is usually done on fine cotton, Chikan sari and kurta make ideal summer wear. Different types of stitches are used in Chinkankari either individually or in combination. Satin stitch is commonly used, as it is suited for small motifs, which are influenced by designs and patterns from Mughal monuments. Chikan work is not only popular in India but it is also exported for making curtains and other furnishings.

Lucknow is known for its silver plated items, which are created by the repousse method. Low relief work can be seen on ornate boxes and other items.

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