Carpets & Floorings from India

Carpets and other flooring traditions have been an essential part of Indian housing management from from ages. Indian households have used carpets and various kinds of floorings crafted in wool, silk, jute, coir, bamboo and wool. Till today – Indian carpets and floorings are enjoying patronage of large international clientele. Carpets and floorings are an integral part of Indian homes. Carpets are generally made from wool and silk.

However floorings like mats and durries are made up of a variety of material, ranging from wool, cotton, jute, coir, bamboo and grass. One can trace the origins of carpet weaving tradition in India to the Mughal dynasty.

Mughals not only used the Persian technique of carpet weaving, but were also influenced by traditional designs and motifs from Persia. Mughal carpets were as intricate as their miniatures and often depicted court life, animals and floral decorations. From the Mughals, the craft of weaving carpets spread to different regions of India, and the trend of using them became an international craze.

States like Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and others have their distinctive tradition of carpet weavings. Gabbe woolen carpets, chain stitch rugs and carpets, and namdas are also made in India. Durries are traditional Indian flooring and a cheap alternate to carpets. Durries come in a variety of designs and styles. Durrie weaving is common to many states. Mats are made out of a variety of natural material like, bamboo, grass, jute, coir etc. India has a varied mat making tradition. Bihar, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala , West Bengal and Norheastern states all have distinct mat weaving traditions of their own.

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