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The city of Banaras is known for religious purposes. It is famous for its bathing ghats on the river Ganges and is an important Hindu pilgrim place. Banaras has its own craft traditions, which include; chikankari, glass beads, bronze sculptures, silk textiles and brocades, and meenakari.

Banaras is known the world over for its silk saris. Banaras is one of the leading silk sari producing centers of India. The master weavers since generations have been creating rich and highly expensive silk brocades.

Hair thin wires of gold and silver are obtained by heating the metal and passing it through minute holes. These wires are then used with silk yarn for weaving.

The Amru silk brocades of Banaras are very popular in Iindia. Jamvar, Navrangi (nine colours), Jamdani etc are other brocade types from the vast range of Banarsi saris. Indian women have a great liking for these saris, which are usually worn on important functions. Other silk items like dress material, scarves etc are also produced here.Traditional embroidery or chikankari is popular in Banaras. Chikan work is generally done on muslin or fine cotton. A variety of stitches are used individually or in combination to create, designs and patterns.

Banaras is known for sculptures made from bronze. These sculptures generally depict Hindu gods and goddesses. Small bronze icons produced here are used for worshipping in homes and temples. Banaras is the main center for the production of glass beads and is known for beads made from fused glass rods. Beads from Banaras are exported in large quantities. Decorative, coloured and fancy glass beads are also manufactured here in great variety.

Banaras is little known for meenakari (enameling). Usually enameling is done on ornaments made of gold. Pink colour predominates meenakari work done in Banaras.

Hand knotted woolen floral carpets from Banaras are famous. The entire surface or a large area of these carpets is decorated with intricate floral patterns. It is also a center for production of Gabbeh carpets.

Banaras is known for bronze cast sculptures of deities and household utensils made of brass and copper.

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