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Bihar is one of the most strategic state in the eastern part of India and due to its locational advantage it flourished during prehistoric period . Craft & culture are still visible in their products and among them carpets & tussar silk stands out alone. Also paintings from the mithila regions are famous for its traditional madhubani style. The following are some of th major centers each of which are unique in their respective areas of craftmanship !

  • Danapur
    It is known for its carpets.
  • Mithila
    Bihar is famous for its traditional Madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings are also referred as Mithila Art, as it flourishes in the Mithila region of Bihar. These paintings were initially drawn on walls, but in recent years, they are now being made on paper and cloth. Women, mainly create these painting. The main themes of Madhubani paintings are, cycle of life, gods, goddesses and mythical figures, animals etc. Madhubani wall paintings have ritual functionality and are a part of the wedding ceremonies. These paintings are done with mineral pigments and the figures or images are drawn with thick lines. These paintings are popular because of their tribal motifs and use of bright earthy colours. These paintings are at times created on tussar silk saris also.
  • Madhubani
    Madhubani is world famous for its painting known as the Madhubani Paintings. It is also known for its carpets.
  • Palamau District
    It is known - tapper mats.

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