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Embossed Wooden Table

Eight legged embossed tableDimensions: top 18 x 18
Height: 13 Inches

The embossed eight-legged wooden table carrying the floral designs is an exquisite functional piece.

This varnished unit from Kishangarh is detachable and complements the home décor manifolds.

About woodcraft of Kishangarh

Kishangarh is known for its exquisite furniture executed in wood. The furniture either carries the traditional miniature motifs or is embossed. The raw materials are locally available.

The wood used is babool (acacia arabica), shisham (rosewood) or aam (mango), which is brought cut to size in the market. Usually, the work involves simple construction----turning, cutting and joining. The embossed look is provided to the product by using pointed tools that create a beautiful pattern on the surface. A varnished coat follows it to give a smooth finish to the product. The main furniture items, which are produced, include detachable chairs, stools, chowkis, low tables, sofas, large tables, and a variety of small boxes and containers. The table has an inbuilt drawer to keep coasters, petite boxes etc. While, the four arm sturdy base supports this detachable unit.

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