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Lively Morning-Folk Painting

Lively MorningDimensions : 16 x 24 Inches

Indian folk art is rooted in the land and breeze of traditional Indian life and customs. It is the spontaneous expression of the people of this land. Soaked in nature, it is the repository of Indian cultural heritage. The object d’art in concern portrays an ordinary Indian morning made lively by the colours and brushes of the folk artist. Small clay huts with thatched roofs are elaborately decorated with images from Indian mythology and day-to-day life. Just like art, nature too is present in all things Indian. Birds and monkeys,

trees and clouds are prominent not only in this particular painting but also on the painted walls depicted within the pictorial frame. Women are seen busy drawing water from the village well. It is interesting to note the complete absence of any male figure. India being primarily an agricultural society, the men of the village can be assumed to have gone to the fields. The figures are in profile and red, green, and yellow are the dominant colours. Significant use of straight lines has been made. A simple geometric pattern marks the edges of the painting.

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