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Glass Paintings

Glass paintings in India are very popular and are a work of art that features clarity and rich colors. Also known as glass an engraving, this form of art involves painting glass involves color filling on tinted glass that transforms a plain glass piece into a stunning work of art. Glass paintings involve special paints or stone embedding, beaten gold leaf or glitters that give it an enhanced appearance. Art glass requires a certain technique that requires skilled hands and patience.

Painting glass became very popular in the eighteenth century and it originated in Gujarat where several experiments and innovations emerged.

Glass Painting Pictures

The patterns that one can create on glass are multi-shaded blossoms with the check background perfect for the bedroom décor, earth-colored lilies, God, Goddesses, Lord Ganesha, beautiful scenery, birds, scenery of the countryside, a village, ethnic and traditional painting etc.

Stain Glass Paintings

Stained glass painting is an art which originated from the Medieval Europe. Recently it found its way in India and is the hobby amongst the Indian women. Stain Glass Paintings are of two types. One way is to cut the glass pieces and stuck it on a sheet of glass in the desired patterns. The other type is to create the desired pattern with special paints. To have a pattern of your own choice, select it from any book or take the print. Then sketch out your own pattern. The stain glass paintings can be formed on other medium like canvas painting, ceramic painting, etc.

Reverse Glass Paintings

Reverse Glass Paintings enjoyed great popularity in America and was practiced in the Orient. To make reverse glass paintings, artists have to paint the design on one side of the glass while it will be viewed from the other. The images which are asymmetrical are painted in the mirror image. This is a great way to involve kids in art.

Glass oil painting is the fastest growing craft. It is intriguing and very different from painting. The different facet of glass oil paintings is vast. There are different ways to paint on the glass. There’s a wide variety ranging from using traditional oil paints to specialized glass paints. The Traditional glass oil painting is done on the surface of a glass sheet.

Some of the most commonly used oil paints in the glass oil paintings are acrylic paints, model paints or automobile paints. Some of the instructions that must be taken care of before going for glass oil painting to foremost clean and dry the glass and place before placing the desired pattern over glass. It’s advisable to apply liquid lead from the centre and work outside. Always add dark colors to light colors, and mix stains and colors well.

Reverse Glass Paintings:

Reverse glass painting is an art of applying paint on a piece of glass and viewing the image by turning the glass and looking through the glass at the image. Reverse glass painting has been around for several years. But its popularity soared in the late 1900s. The reverse glass painting is very creative and great fun to ooze out the creative instincts.

The most commonly used painting medium in the reverse glass painting is the acrylic paint. It takes thin brushes and minute workmanship to make an exquisite piece of reverse glass painting .

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