Negro Dancer-Glass Painting

Negro Dancer-Glass PaintingDimension: 34x25 inches

Indian handicrafts are always rich in variety owing to great diversity in the cultural set-up of Indian society. The handicraft produced in far flung regions of India are unique and possess great historical traditions and artistry.

Glass Oil Painting

Glass Oil Painting refers to the painting on the surface of a sheet of glass. Glass oil painting is closer to actual drawing rather than painting.

It is usually used to add details such as faces and folds of clothing. Through oil glass painting portion of stained glass works can also be covered which blocks the light form shining through.

Most commonly used traditional glass paints are:

Vinegar Trace Paint: This paint is dark and completely blocks out the light wherever it is applied. It is mostly used for figure or design lines. Vinegar Trace Paint is thick and mixed with water, vinegar, and gum arabic to use. This paint is in a powder form and mixed with water or alcohol before using. It must be applied wet on the wet surface.

Matt Paint: It is easier to apply and transparent. It uses a base like water and gum Arabic or water and vinegar. It is applied thickly and worked with a second brush for a finer texture.

Silver Paint: Silver paint got its name from the presence of silver nitrate. It is available in the shades of red, yellow and orange. The paint not just covers the glass but changes the color of the glass. Silver paint is used for glass oil painting to add accent color and mostly applied to the opposite side of the glass.

Oil based stained glass paints: Oil based paints are perfect for glass oil painting. The paints come in various colors and are unaffected by the atmospheric conditions. The colors can be mixed with regular oil paints.

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