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Ushnisha-vijaya Buddha

Ushnisha-vijaya BuddhaUshnisha-vijaya Buddha

Dimensions : 9 x 5 Inches
Price : US $ 314.95
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This is a unique hand crafted brass and copper statue representing one of the female Bodhisattvas – the Ushnisha-vijaya or Namgyalma. Vijaya, or Namgyalma in Tibetan, is a feminine aspect of Buddhahood, a long-life 'goddess' who also symbolizes purification and healing. She has three faces, ten eyes and eight hands. Her right hands hold a lasso, bow, and vase with the nectar of immortality;

her fourth right hand bears an eye in the palm and is in the mudra (posture) of generosity, bestowing blessings. Her left hands hold a miniature Buddha image, a double (crossed) vajra, and an arrow; the fourth left hand is held in meditation posture in her lap. Ushnisha-Vijaya is here shown in a triumvirate with the other two principal long-life deities, Amitayus and Tara. Worshipping these deities helps to remove obstacles to one's lifespan as well as improve the quality of ones life. This metal statue bears the unmistakable mark of oriental handicrafts and is characterized by a deep religio-cultural core.

Lakshmi, Ganesha and Saraswati


Brass Lakshmi


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