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The Hotel Industry has a special relationship with the crafts of the country. As a window to the world, the Hotel Industry has embraced the Crafts of the country as a talisman of the culture of the land. We in understand and nurture this great yearning on the part of the Hotel Industry to showcase the Crafts of the country.

Hotels in India are guaranteed customized service in the best tradition of CraftsInIndia. We supplement our effort with in depth research into the products and also specialize in producing replicas of designated periods in the Indian history. Paintings,Pottery( both terracotta and blue pottery) Furniture ( traditional, carved , and antique finish)Woodwork ,Carpets, furnishings, artifacts, classical metalware, etc. of a high quality and reliable period-marking is available and can also be crafted as per the requirements of the customer.

Attractive discounts are available to the Hotel Industry . For those who are outside the shores of this country, it is a unique opportunity to get in touch with us . We can design and supply the entire interior of any Hotel in India or abroad. Contact us for solutions to all your problems on Crafts.

There are special package deals available for Heritage Hotels and Hotels outside India. We also undertake to do the complete Heritage planning for the new and upcoming Hotels.This service is available both within India and outside India.

Minimum Order Value under this category :

Outside India : $3,000
India : $1,500

Corporate Houses

We have specialized services available for corporate houses and undertake turn-key assignments for Corporate offices. We also specialize in Corporate gifting. Our product gallery for the Gift sections is so varied in Depth and choice that we are able to meet the needs of every kind of clientele. Diwali gifting is our speciality and we are already in Partnership with some top Gifting sites.

We also undertake Gift Planning and gift designing. It is also possible for us to custom-produce the gifts designed by our esteemed clients. This service is presently available only in India.

Minimum Order Value under this category

Outside India : $1,500
India : $1,000

Interior Decorators & Architects

We are aware of the difficulties that you face in designing the right kind of handicrafts and interior decoration items for your clients. We have the expertise to assist you. From every conceivable decoration items in the realm of furniture, woodcrafts which go to the extent of custom made panels, doors and windows to paintings and ethnic furnishings, we have everything. We give you attractive discounts and also undertake turn-key jobs. We also have a consultancy service which will interact with you and help you design and customize your products with the touch of class and expertise. Our unique quality control service ensures the quality and the research wing adds depth.

This service is available both within India and outside India.

Minimum Order Value under this category :

Outside India : $3,000
India : $1,500

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