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Other than probably the Importers themselves, nobody understands the requirements of Importers better than us. With our unique network spreading from the artisan to our offices abroad, we understand that the Importer

today wants to be sure of the quality and supply schedules. As we are ourselves certifying and managing shipments from all over the country for customers from all over the world, it does not need any bluster on our part to say that there is nobody in India who can give this kind of service to our esteemed importers.

We not only supply the items from our extensive catalogue which is the largest in the industry, but also have the capacity to custom produce any kind of design in any quantity. This is a unique service which nobody in this country has yet mastered. In order to encourage importers to buy from the great choices that we have, we offer attractive discounts based on quantity and value of the orders. As we are the only one dealing in all the aspects of handicrafts that is crafts, gems and jewellery, carpets, and ethnic textile products as well as leather products, we also hold exhibitions in partnership with our esteemed importers. This gives an opportunity for the importers to have an interface with us and also to learn about new products, designs and capabilities

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