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Inspection Pvt. Ltd has a division totally dedicated to defining and implementing quality parameters and providing inspection services. This service is open to all buyers irrespective of where they source their order from. For large buyers there is even the option of dedicated service where stations an inspector to oversee the complete production as per the quality standards.


The certification services can be commissioned by any crafts manufacturer. After inspection and thorough checks, puts its stamp of approval in the form of CIIMARK which is an internationally accepted mark of quality assurance.

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With the services of some of the best experts on crafts at its disposal, is uniquely postioned to advise the hotels, architects, interior decorators and even households on all aspects of crafts. can plan and execute the complete crafts interior of any establishment. also advises importers on all aspects of crafts including shipment procedures and how to deal with firms and companies in India. A detailed DO's & DONT's is also a part of this service.

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The uniqueness of the Indian crafts lies in the fact that apart from the "looking good and nice" factor, there is a rich tapestry of history and mythology woven around almost every piece. While a brief is provided with every item available on portal, provide details of any crafts from any part of India on demand.

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