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Modern Nature Design Rugs- Rugs for Your Modern Looking Homes

Modern rug designs are now available in the market. Long gone are the days when rugs were solely used for cutting down the heat from the floor during the winter season. Today rugs have become more of a decorative item at homes than necessity. There are many modern art rugs which compliment your entire house.

Modern Style Rugs- The Designs

The basic pattern behind the modern rugs is the experiment done between the bright colours and contemporary designs. All these modern rugs are still made with hands and have the looks of a thick lush pile. There are several designs of the modern rugs available in the market. These designs are as follows:-

  • Abstract rugs- These rugs have abstract designs on them. They are hand tufted and made up of the soft, synthetic yarn and hand carved designs. These rugs look best in your kitchen, bath or even your bedroom. Examples of the abstract rugs are square autumn designs, circle autumn designs, circles-spring design, circles teak designs, stream neutral designs, mod blue designs, etc.
  • The Balmain collection- These are thick handmade rugs. The specialties of these rugs are that they are hand tufted with soft and mode-acrylic yarns. These Balmain rug designs are completely modern in nature with designs such as polka dots, colourful grids, half-moons and bold geometric panels etc.
  • Chic rugs- These rugs are yet another of the modern art rugs with vivid colours. These rugs are of distinctive contemporary rugs with the solid combinations and saturated hues. The examples of these types of rugs are red roses, black ivory, chic waves, modern slate, motion wine, etc.
  • Paddington collection- These collections are the modern and contemporary designed rugs in true sense. Under this section comes geometric confetti, polka dots, electric waves of colours etc. these rugs are hand-tufted with the acrylic yarns and are experimented with dramatic looks set in bold stripes etc. you can now put the rugs in the sunporch, bedroom, office or even in your kitchen.
  • Decorative rugs- These rugs are hand-tufted and have thick designs with comtemporary colours and designs. You can now choose from the warm floral pattern and stylish modern looks of the decorative rugs. The examples of these types of rugs are the yarrow gray decorative designs, Cromwell caramel decorative designs, woodland avocado decorative designs etc.
  • Metro rugs- These are the condominium collections with saturated hues and solid combinations. These rugs look perfect for your condo, stand-alone homes and apartments. Examples of these styles are the cobblestone night, houndstooth black, imprint chocolate designs, intersection blue, basic red rugs etc.
  • Special Shape Collection- There are also special shaped modern nature design rugs available in the market. These are funky rugs with vivid styles and made up of plush acrylic piles. These rugs are good for children’s bedroom, and drawing rooms etc. examples of such rugs are smiley faced, omelet, etc.

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