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Persian Style Rugs- Decorate Your Homes with the Classic Persian Style Rugs

The carpet weaving has always remained the essential part of the Persian culture. The weaving of carpets date back to ancient Persia and it still continues to be one of the highest in the world. Today Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of the Persian rug design carpet. These Persian carpets are divided into three main types, Farsh, Qalicheh, and Kilim carpets. The Farsh carpets are bigger than 6x4 feet, the Qalicheh is smaller than the 6x4 feet and Kilim is the rough carpets or nomadic carpets.

More about Cheap Persian Style Rugs

The styles of the carpets changed with the society and its cultures. The Zoroasterian period carpets dated back to 5th century B.C. the Islamic period carpet dates back to 8th century A.D. and the modern period carpet started few centuries ago. Nowadays carpets are made by machines, though hand-made carpets are widely found in the market still.

Materials Required In Making Persian Area Rugs

Wool is the most common raw material used for making carpets all over the world. Though, nowadays even cotton is used to make the carpets. The wools are of various types, Kork wool, Camel Hair wool, and Manchester wool. Even silk carpets are made which date back to 16th century. Silk carpets are made but not as frequently as they are more expensive and less durable in nature. These silk carpets are mostly used as wall decorative pieces.

Designs, Motifs and Patterns of the Persian Style Rugs

The Persian carpets have layouts and designs that may include one or more number of motifs. Iran Carpet Company, a specialist in the area, has classified the designs into 19 groups, which include the “main pattern” and the “sub pattern”. The main pattern is used to represent those designs which are still followed in their original form. The sub patterns are the modern derivatives to these designs. The designs followed are mostly Shah Abbassi Pattern, Historic Monuments and Islamic Buildings, Derivative Patterns, Paisley Patterns, Spiral Patterns, All-Over Patterns, Tree Patterns, Interconnected Patterns, Panel Patterns, Turkoman Patterns, European Flower Patterns, Hunting Ground Patterns, Intertwined Fish Patterns, Vase Patterns, Striped Patterns, Mehrab Patterns, Composites, Tribal Patterns and Geometric Patterns. All these above patterns make total of 19 groups of Persian style rug designs.

The modern Persian style rugs are made by machines and hence their prices have dropped considerably. These Persian area rugs are found almost everywhere.

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