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Versatile Cotton Rugs

Floor rugs are made of a wide variety of materials and cotton style rugs are softer and come in superior quality compared to some of the synthetic fabrics. Cotton style rugs are much more expensive too. There are many reasons why one should look for cotton floor mats and the advantages outweigh the cost.

Natural material

Cotton fiber is harvested naturally from cotton plants and then spun into strings which are used to make the rugs. People who are allergic to wool or synthetic fibers can choose cotton style rugs to decorate their homes and these rugs come in several varieties of sizes, shapes, designs and patterns.

Organic fiber such as cotton rugs generally do not trigger or worsen allergic reactions that usually are caused by some of the chemicals used in synthetic materials.

When you need to place rugs in areas inside your home where people can sit around and feel the warmth of a rug under their feet, cotton style rugs are the best since they provide both comfort and warmth.

Cleaning is easy

Since these rugs are very easy to clean, they can be placed in living rooms or at the stairs where the footfall is more.

The cotton rugs can be washed with warm water and mild soap and they can last a long time if they are cleaned properly and maintained well. Cotton rugs should not be twisted or wringed after washing them as wringing them will make them lose their shape and will loosen the threads. Do not put the rugs inside a dryer after washing because it can cause them to shrink. Instead, allow your cotton rugs to dry naturally so as to prevent any unwanted damage.

Lots of designs and colors to choose from

Cotton style rugs can be dyed perfectly and the colors last for long even after repeated washes. Due to their superior color absorption, you can create intricate and elaborate designs and use myriad colors in these rugs and they are softer compared to other fibers.

By choosing different shapes and sizes and patterns, these rugs give you endless options for decorating the rooms. You can choose Victorian, Persian, classic, contemporary, braided, Tibetan or Flokati, depending upon the overall room décor and the style you want to create.

You can choose a rug made from 100% cotton or opt for one that is made by mixing cotton and wool. A cotton-wool blend is a cheaper alternative to pure cotton and they blend well too.

Purchasing Cotton Style Rugs

You can buy these rugs from specialized shops or stores that sell different types of rugs and carpets. Most of the shops now have an online store where you can browse through the different varieties they stock. After going through the choices they offer online, you can visit the physical store to make the actual purchase.

Cotton rugs are beautiful, durable and natural and they can be used to create a stylish and eco-friendly statement inside your home.

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