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Custom Made

The term ‘Custom Made’ sounds very luxurious grand and very special. It is something that is made as per the choice and specifications of a person. There was always a special plan for a piece of furniture that you wanted for your living room or a particular design of a reading chair that you dreamt of. However you never came across any shop that displayed anything remotely similar to that. But what if something took time to listen to your design and sketch it out for you before actually carving that out in real. It does seem too good to be true. But it is true that customized products are available in the modern world where specific details are made as per the wish of the connoisseur.

Custom Carpets

Custom carpets refer to all such carpets that are manufactured and styled according to the preferences of individual customers. It is a specialized service where starting from the designs and patterns to even the hues and shades of colors are prepared according to the taste and preferences laid down by the clients.

Features of Custom Carpets

  • Custom carpets are often made as per the size of a room or any other specific area. This is especially useful in case of wall carpeting where ordinarily bought carpets may not fit well.
  • Style and pattern of the custom carpet is a major benefit. The color combination of the carpet as well as the design and embroidery pattern of the carpet can be easily done as per the color or area of the room. The furniture and other aspects of the room may also be considered in this regard.
  • Functionality of a carpet is also very important. It is important to know the use of a carpet in a particular setting and the purpose of the same. The placement of a carpet should define the fiber along with its design color and size so as to make it comfortable for a particular floor covering.
  • The construction of a carpet is an important issue. There are various fibers that are used in the making of carpets that are usually available in the market. But that may not suit the needs of an individual customer who would like to include specific percentages of certain fibers. So all that is clearly stated to the customer during the making of a custom carpet and approved.
  • Prices are another important consideration. People have certain budgets that they allocate for a carpet and not get enough of that amount’s worth from the brands that are available in the market. However in case of custom carpets they can get percentages of fabrics, colors and embroidery included that would suit their requirements as well as adjust the product within the budget.

Utility of Custom Made Carpets

The utility of custom made carpets lies in its optimal usability for the consumer and maximum satisfaction for the manufacturer. The custom made carpet that is produced is of maximum benefit and use as it is made according to plan and fit of an area. And therefore it is also a long cherished one.

Indian Kurti
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Three Colored Kurti
Yellow Jaipuri Block Printed
Peach Pintucks Yoke
Dark Blue Pintucks Kurti
Yellow Megasleeves With Patch Work
Pink Kurti with Ethnic Patch
Kurti with Jaipuri patch
Kurti with Angarakha Style
Purple with Turquoish Blue Zari Yoke


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