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Vajrakaliya Mandala Thangka Painting

Vajrakaliya Mandala Thangka PaintingDimensions : 15.5x12 Inches

This is a beautifully hand painted Mandala thangka. The Mandala is a tri-dimensional graphical and geometrical representation of the universe. It represents a combination of the enlightened mind and body of the auspicious deities and is considered to have great power. Lying at the center of this Mandala Thangka Painting is the wrathful deity called Vajrakaliya or Vajrakumara. This deity transforms acts of ignorance and selfishness into wisdom and compassion. Vajrakilaya is valued as a powerful means of removing obstacles for practice and enlightenment.

He is surrounded by a huge Mandala of accompanying deities and other auspicious symbols. Although Mandala’s were originally created as religious objects and used as aids in meditation, presently they are also venerated as artwork for their elegance and beauty.

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