Tribal Painting

Tribal PaintingDimension: 9x7 inches

Tribal Paintings give an insight into basic human nature and lifestyle. The tribal’s have a down to earth existence and give due importance to the Mother Earth and its vital elements. Tribal paintings are drawn on positive themes and ideas such as birth, life, harvest, journey, celebration and marriage. Each tribal painting narrates an important principal of life. If you wish, you could purchase a tribal painting from our site on line and let it adorn a wall or a corner of your place. The tribal painting will greatly enhance your personality and value as being in your room, it certainly co relates to your life principles and existence.

At some point of life or the other, the tribal painting will bring you closer to nature.

Gifting tribal painting as corporate gifts or personal gifts is can even turn out to be a good idea. Remember to purchase or choose a tribal painting which will suit and connect with the receiver of the gift for him or her to cherish it forever.

Saura painting:

The Sauras are one of the oldest tribes of India. Saura paintings are called “ikon” consisting of human being, horse, elephant, sun, moon etc and symbolic meaning. It is elaborately drawn on their walls because of their religious association.

Warli painting:

It is a tribal art form of southern Gujarat and northern Maharashtra. Warli Paintings are found on their simple mud huts. It has different human art forms like hunting, dancing or cultivating the land; geometrical patterns of trees, creepers, birds and animals.

Pithora painting:

Pithora is the name of the wedding deity in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. It is considered auspicious to paint the house walls wit the images of deity during family functions like wedding.

Pichhwai painting:

Pichhwai painting portrays Lord Krishna, in various costumes and moods. It is painted with dark and rich colors on the cloth and hung mostly in the temples.

Santhal painting:

Santhal painting is painted by Santhal tribes, located in Bihar. It is painted freehand and reflects their perception of life. Santhal painting have the simplest themes like the harvest, a field, a happy family, dance, beating wife, quarrel, wine party, gods and goddess on the canvas.

A scene from village life-Folk Painting
A scene from village life-Folk Painting
Tribal Celebration
Tribal Celebration-Tribal Painting
Tree of Life
Tree of Life-Tribal Painting
A Day in Village
A Day in Village-Tribal Painting
Tribal Art
Tribal Painting
Lively Morning
Lively Morning-Folk Painting
Marriage Celebrations
Marriage Celebrations-Folk Painting


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