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Painting a portrait of a site like is quite a task as there are so many diverse activities and opportunities, offers and products that are always keeping it dynamically growing and changing. – as the name signifies – is in itself a complete portrait of Indian art and handicrafts. is an online store of traditional Indian handicrafts, launched in 1999, is an initiative of Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd (CIPL). CIPL is one of the leading Internet companies of India, which till date has developed more than 1700 websites. Few of our well knows sites are,, and 123 . is a unique online store that promotes and sells Indian handicrafts and artifacts to art aficionados all over the world. It also acts as a rich information base disseminating authentic and amazing facts and legends of Indian handicrafts traditions. Using modern technology to encourage age-old Indian culture has been one of the most distinguished achievements of - E-Store with a difference pays tribute to the celebrated diversity of Indian arts, handicrafts and culture, by procuring handcrafted items from all the artistic niches of the country. The products are directly sourced from the artisans and sold through the Internet to customers worldwide. This assures apt benefit and sustainable development for the artisans, as well as an array of authentic products at reasonable prices for the patrons. It is an e-store that not only sells, but also brings artisans, customers, bulk buyers, wholesalers, researchers and the entire world of art lovers closer together.

Variety of Handcrafted Items has separate sections highlighting the variety and beauty of different Indian handicrafts. The store has an astonishing collection of Indian jewelry, paintings, sculptures and statues, handmade furniture, home furnishing and home decorations, apparels and accessories, toys and dolls, traditional games, office accessories and more. Along with the well-known artforms and handicrafts, the store also has some of the most beautiful, yet lesser-known and rare art objects of India. The kaleidoscopic colors of Indian handicrafts can be explored with the online catalogue at .

Thousands of Satisfied Customers All Over the World has emerged as one of the most trusted online handicraft store, enjoying the patronage of thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. Along with art enthusiasts, researchers, and corporates, also has successful business ties with bulk buyers and wholesale partners. Affordability, secure transaction, flexible payment options, quality products and excellent customer services have strengthened the bond between the organization and its customers.

As a Resource Base

Craftsinindia.coms believes in authenticity and true value, and this means that it is not only the original artwork that matters, but also knowing the hands behind the craft, the legends and techniques involved in creating such amazing works of art. This has inspired Indian art and Culture - a section of that acts as a rich resource base, providing well-researched information about Indian art, handicrafts, culture and religion.

Newsletter brings to you its bi-monthly that has the latest updates on all its products, categories, new arrivals, best sellers and a list of handicraft products recommended specially for different season and reasons.

Online Galleries

Another unique feature of is its online picture galleries. You can browse through the colors of Indian handicrafts and art objects at Art Gallery and Picture Gallery .

Gift Ideas also brings to you a host of interesting and unique gift ideas for the various festivals and occasions around the year. You can explore our Diwali Gifts , Rakhi Gifts , Valentine Gifts and Christmas Gifts sections.

Business Opportunities presents exciting business opportunities for people who are passionate about Indian handicrafts and ambitious about achieving their goals. Look up Our Affiliate Program and Handicrafts Wholesale for more information.

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