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Marriage Celebrations-Folk Painting

Marriage CelebrationsDimension: 9 x 7 Inches

This folk painting celebrates life and love. It depicts the essential joy and happiness associated with the ceremony of Indian tribal marriages. This magnificent work of folk art rejoices in the portrayal of Indian tribal life in all its gleam and glory. The frenzied charm of nuptial celebrations spread in music and dance and enmesh the whole society. At the bottom-right corner, we can see a palanquin (a closed litter carried by four bearers, traditionally associated with marriages) indicating the passage of the bride from her maternal home to her husband’s place.

Festivities abound in music, drums and euphoric dance. The postures of the figures indicate motion and vibrancy. Even the animals are a part of this marriage celebration. Complementing dance and music, is the lure of feast. There comes the neighborhood peddler with all his delicacies. The two small huts at the top corners make the passage of the bride from one house to the other evident. The amorous gaze of the animals standing in front is indicative of the love and passion involved in the act of marriage. Basic geometric shapes are patterned as borders. The wonderful symmetry of the figures brings a harmonious rhythm in the whole painting and this is well complemented by the use of a natural color palette.

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