Cultures and Traditions of India

Cultures and Traditions of India are as varied as the land itself. India is, in fact, a land that can be said to be synonymous with variety. Geographical, demographic, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity of India has given rise to the multifarious cultures and traditions of the land. There is not a single culture or a distinct tradition that India can be identified with. The spirit of the land lies in its diversity.

The word ‘culture' encompasses a wide range of meanings – a particular society at a particular time and place, the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group, and also all the knowledge and values shared by a society. In brief – culture is the way people live, think and perceive. Interestingly, culture and traditions of a society share a symbiotic relation – each one forming and defining the other. As there are many cultures in India, there are also assortments of traditions that define various societies. Accordingly do we get to see a motley of life styles, languages, literatures, arts and crafts, music, dance, paintings, and other forms of life that are shaped by the various forces of Indian traditions and cultures.

We, at Crafts in India, honestly believe that art can truly be appreciated by knowing the air, the soil, the light and the hands that crafted it. As we collect and present handicrafts and artifacts from all the artistic niches of the country, we marvel at the richness of Indian art and handicrafts, and sincerely feel the need to share the knowledge that shapes such magnificent works of art – the knowledge that is strongly rooted in Indian culture and traditions. You can buy a Madhubani Painting – but won't you like to know about the distant village where they are made? About the women who paint them? And also about the meanings and significance of the paintings? Knowing these will make you realize the true value of the paintings.

Thus we present you with our section on Indian Art and Culture – a section that tells you more about Indian traditions, cultures and explores their relation with the formation and growth of Indian art and crafts. Visit Indian Art and Culture to know India better.

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