Indian Fairs and Festivals


Sharad Purnima - This festival is also known as Kojagari Purnima and is celebrated with worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.

Diwali - Diwali or Dipavali is the festival of lights. This is the time when almost all Indian homes are enlightened with lamps and diyas, sweets and gifts exchanged between friends and family, and the mother Goddess, who rid the world of evil and darkness, is worshipped. The festival of Diwali symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind.

Guru Purab - Guru Purab is a Sikh festival dedicated to the Gurus, and Guru Purab literally means 'festival of the Guru'. Sikhs celebrate 10 Guru Purabs through the yearhonoring the 10 Gurus of the Khalsa Panth. Akhanda Pathas, community feasts, kar seva and religious processions form parts of the festivities.

Ka Pomblang Nongrem - This is the most important festival of the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. This five-day long festival, held annually near Shillong, is an occasion for thanksgiving for a good harvest and the time to pray for peace and prosperity. Khasi men and women, dressed in traditional splendor, perform their traditional Nongkrem dance.

Sonepur Fair - This unique cattle fair is held every year in Sonepur, Bihar and lasts for around 15 days. People gather to offer homage to Harihar Nath and participate in the biggest cattle fair in whole of Asia.

Pushkar Fair - Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan is the largest camel fair in the world. It is also an occasion for the devoted Hindus to take a dip at the sacred Pushkar lake to wash away the sins of a lifetime, and pay homage to the only Brahma temple in the world. Over the first five days of the fair, camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep are sold and purchased. It is also a perfect site for tourists to pick up some exotic handmade jewelry and other colorful memorabilia of Rajasthan. The camel racing and other traditional games are other points of attractions for tourists who pour in from every part of the world.

Hampi Festival - This unique festival of music, dance and drama is organized in Hampi, near the legendary Vijaya Nagar, Karnataka. The Hampi festival includes traditional dance, drama, music, fireworks, puppet shows, spectacular processions, all combining to recreate the bygone grandeur of Vijaya Nagar kingdom.


Christmas - The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated worldwide with Christmas decorations, carols, cakes, prayers, parties and gifts.

Konark Dance Festival - This internationally renowned dance festival is held at the famous Konark Sun Temple in Orissa - a world heritage site. Performers from all over India come to perform and pay tribute to the revered Indian classical dance and music. Watching the best performances with Sun temple as the background is a memory to cherish forever. It is a visual treat that attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. There is also a crafts fair, with a variety of handicrafts and tasty cuisine during the festival.

Poush Mela - Poush Mela is held every year in Santiniketan, West Bengal - the arts paradise nurtured by none other than Rabindranath Tagore himself. Beginning on the seventh day of Poush (following the Bengali calendar, usually falling on December 22/23), the event marks the foundation day of Shantiniketan. Of the many seasonal festivals celebrated at Santiniketan, this is perhaps the most important, with cultural programmes consisting of folk music & dance, folk theatre and Baul songs.

Monthwise List of Indian Fairs and Festivals

Given below is a month-wise list of fairs and festivals of India. However, since festivals in India are determined by the Solar & Lunar positions, they may fall in a different month from the ones specified here.

January - February | March - April | May - June | July - August | September - October | November - December

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