Indian Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals are intrinsic to the whole cultural milieu of India. From time immemorial, Indian festivals and fairs have been a part of Indian life, lore and literature. Diversity being the spirit of India, it has a number of cultures, languages, religions, and ethnicities which owe to the great number of festivals and fairs that are held in India. There are as many festivals in India as perhaps there are days in the almanac, making every day a festive occasion to celebrate with love, rites, rituals and hope.

With each festival, comes a long tradition of cultural activity - expressed in terms of special handcrafted items, ritualistic paintings, sculptures and statues, decorations, music, poetry, dance forms, dramatic presentations that are born as a part of the festivities. Fairs are also a part of these festivals that always attracted a huge number of tourists and devotees from all parts of the world. In olden times, these fairs were an occasion for native merchants and tradesmen to sale their wares, artists to show their talent and common people to socialize and shop.

The Fairs and Festivals in India celebrated round the year showcase the resplendence of its arts and crafts tradition. With time, oil lamps have given way to sparkling electric bulbs and fairs have become carnival events of International recognition with national and multi-national companies pouring in to make profit and name. However, the traditional festivals and fairs of India still hold their sway.

In distant corners of unknown villages, people still celebrate traditional life and custom and have fairs where you can catch a glimpse of age-old Indian cultural and handicrafts traditions. From earthen pots and figurines, tribal jewelry, handmade painting to artifacts specific to the area and occasion can be collected only during these Indian fairs and festivals, which are a part of the heritage tourism of India. Savor Indian delicacies, listen to soul-stirring music, dance to the enchanting rhythm, and collect some timeless memorabilia only from these Indian fairs and festivals.

Monthwise List of Indian Fairs and Festivals

Given below is a month-wise list of fairs and festivals of India. However, since festivals in India are determined by the Solar & Lunar positions, they may fall in a different month from the ones specified here.

January - February | March - April | May - June | July - August | September - October | November - December

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