Flower Bloom

Flower BloomDimension: 16x12 inches

Glass painting, as the same implies, uses glass as a canvas. It is a specialized art form, and glass artists are indeed specialists in their fields. In India, glass painting is very unique and at the same time very diverse. There is a confluence of cultures when it comes to the glass painting art forms.

Glass painting in India originated in the western state of Gujarat, which was home to many glass painting artists from China. From Gujarat, the art form of glass painting has spread to many corners of India,

each place adding its own distinct flavor to the art of glass painting. For example, there is a glass painting culture from Goa and Kerala, which has a distinct Christian touch to it. Then, there is a touch from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India, where glass paintings have a mixture of Hindu and Islamic flavors. With such a diverse segregation of painting cultures, it is a small wonder that Indian glass paintings are among the most sought after in the world.

So, what is it that makes glass painting so unique? Well the challenge is the canvas. Unlike other canvases, glass is not a porous canvas. Therefore, painting on glass requires a lot of patience. Of course, there are techniques to ensure that the paint dries up earlier, but the trick in glass painting is to use the right amount of paint at the right time at the right place. Glass paintings require an absolutely clean canvas. Glass painting artists go to great lengths to ensure that their canvas is squeaky clean.

In India, glass painting is a booming industry, with glass paintings being exported to almost all the continents. The glass paintings exporters' community is growing by the day, which is a tribute to the mushrooming Indian talent in glass painting, which is being recognized far and wide. By depicting eye-catching glass painting patterns and glass painting designs, the Indian glass paintings have reached out to a lot of buyers, who patronize Indian glass paintings, both in India and abroad. Today, glass painting artists are a much sought after talent, as buyers of glass paintings look for that ultimate work of art.

Glass painting as an art has grown so much in India that there are specialized classes and courses offered on glass painting. It is offered as a subject by many universities in their Fine Arts courses. While glass painting as a business is very profit-oriented, what sets the glass painting artists apart in India is the fact that for the Indian glass painters, glass painting is not just an art or a business, it is a passion.

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