Wooden Small Jharokha

Wooden Small JharokhaDimension: 10.5 X 6 X 1.5 inches

Walls and your surroundings speak volumes about you and your personality. Beautiful home decoratives have powers enough to cast a magical spell on you. Good decor adds that charm to your home which pleases you and makes your stay there, special every day! The eye catching home decoratives not only decorates your home but also makes it a place that everyone admires.

Decorative items like paintings, door hangings, wall hangings, decorative mirrors, candles, photo frames, show pieces, sculptures, etc can be chosen from when planning to deck up your home décor.

Decorated walls have been an ages old tradition in India where not only wall paintings but various forms of wall hanging adorn the walls as home decoratives. The wide range of wall hangings includes wall hangings made of fine fabrics, jute, cotton and wool.

Macramé Wall Hangings:

Macramé Wall Hangings are made from a variety of material including fine linen, wood beads, heavy jute.

Fabrics Wall hanging

Fabrics Wall hangings are made from a variety of fabrics and adds color and depth to any wall. Its beauty is further enhanced with distinctive canvas prints, bead work and sequins.

Decorative mirrors

In the category of home decoratives, you can come across decorative mirrors. Mirrors give us reflections of ones self and thus can be found in all homes. When a simple mirror is framed creatively and hung on the wall, it but naturally serves its purpose and accentuates the room décor.

You will find decorative mirrors in home furniture stores and in multiple varieties too. Decorative mirrors come in various shapes such as square, oval, rectangle and animal shaped, heart shaped, round shaped etc too. You can choose your pick from carved wood mirrors, glass painted mirrors, brass framed mirrors, mosaic glass mirrors etc. Glass painted mirrors and mosaic glass mirror make use of colors and motifs... and they are pretty and attractive. They prove to be just fit if you wish to add a dash of color to your room. Some of the carved wood mirrors are decorated with intricate floral or motif border work.

So, go ahead and choose a decorative mirror of your liking and enhance the appeal of your house with an aesthetic touch.

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Jharokha Small
Jharokha Small
Jharokha Small
Wooden Small Jharokha
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