Copper Box

Copper BoxDimension: 6 X 4 X 9 inches

Indian handicrafts are always rich in variety owing to great diversity in the cultural set-up of Indian society. The handicraft produced in far flung regions of India are unique and possess great historical traditions and artistry.

Decorative Wooden Boxes

Looking for unique gifts? Decorative wooden boxes are in vogue and popular around the world. These boxes come in a wide-variety from Copper box to antique box and decorative box to handcrafted wooden box. Quality trinket boxes are beautiful souvenir boxes, nice for wedding gifts and great to keep jewelry in a proper way.

The decorative wooden boxes are not just famous for their eye catching designs and intricate craftsmanship but also for high quality wood. If you are interested you can make a lucrative earning by buying them in large quantity from a wholesale wooden boxes store and reselling them. Art connoisseur and craft mavens will pay any cost to buy a stunning piece of artwork.

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Copper Box with Carving
Copper Box
Antique Finish Wooden Box, Metallic Work (Plain-Ambi 6 x 4 inches)
Antique Wooden Box
Antique Finish Wooden Box (Wooden Plain 8 x 5 inches)
Decorative Wooden Box
Antique Finish Wooden Box (Silver Flower 8 x 5 inches)
Handcrafted Wooden Box


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