Crafts In India







Crafts In India
Furniture    Woodcraft
Carved Wood, Bamboo, Inlaid Chowkis, Inlaid Planters, Inlaid Windows, Inlaid Furniture, White Metal, Wrought Iron, Wood

   Boxes, Wood Painted, Cane Accessories, Wooden Accessories, Candle stand, Photo frame, Carved Figurines

Gems and Jewelry Paintings
Gem Stones, Gemstone Beads, Gemstone Statues, Jewelry
   General Paintings, Glass Paintings, Silk Base, Paper Base, Wood Base, Marble Tiles
Textile    Pottery
Mats, Quilts, Bandhej, Bed sheets, Cushion Cover

   General Pottery, Blue Pottery, Baked Clay, Terracotta

Carpets and Flooring    Stone Work
Durries, Carpets

   Stone Work, Marble Work, Sandstone

Other Handicrafts    Handicraft Products
Handmade Cards, Metal Work, Leather, Toys and Puppets, Copper and Brass, Lac Articles, Silver Articles    Cane & Bamboo, Glassware, Lac Work

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Handicrafts In India
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