Buddha Statues

Medicine Buddha Life Story The Medicine Buddha holds a branch of the Myrobalan plant (Terminalia chebula), in his right hand. This plant is used in traditional Tibetan medicine to cure illnesses of the body and mind. The left hand rests on his lap with the palm upwards in the mudra or gesture of bestowing a gift, symbolized by the pot with medicinal leaves. Buddha is believed to have given gifts of knowledge such as medicine as well as spiritual inspiration and guidance to his disciples.

The robes of the Buddha feature details of the life of Gautama on his path to becoming the Enlightened One. Representations of the "Three Great Sights", episodes from the Jataka Tales, in which incarnations of the Buddha appear in animal form, and characters from Buddhist iconography, including demons and angels on clouds are seen. Crucial scenes from Buddha's life such as his first sermon at Sarnath, where he shared his philosophy of the Eight Fold Path to salvation, are shown on the robes of the Medicine Buddha Life Story.

Meditating Buddha: The meditating Buddha, also known as the Amitabha Buddha, symbolizes serenity and wisdom. Buddha is seated in padmasana, or the lotus posture, with both his hands placed in his lap in a gesture of dhyana or meditation. The pot symbolizes the Dharma or the teachings of the Buddha, which he offers to the world. The expression on his face is calm and the eyelids are contemplatively lowered.

Buddha's teachings explain that desire is at the root of all suffering. Freeing the mind from desire will liberate the soul from the cycle of rebirth and enable a person to attain Nirvana or salvation.

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