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Silver Pendants

Silver Jewelry is always modern and stylish thus makes a new style statement every time you wear it! The eye-catching designs of Silver Jewelry never fail to capture your attention! The shimmering Silver Jewelry comes in various unique designs and in various items like shimmering silver bracelets, silver rings, silver earrings, silver chains, silver necklaces, toe rings etc but most famous these days, are the silver pendants!

One can find a huge variety of pendants and chains in shops on line and even in exclusive jewelry stores. Silver being one of the most fashionable accessories, there are silver pendants available in different patterns and designs. The pendants with semi-precious stones look exquisite and have unique designs. There are silver pearl pendants with sterling chains, etc and one can choose a wide variety of pendants as gifts for those who really love silver pendants and other accessories. The prices depend on their size, clarity, cut and carat. Silver pendants can be used as a charm bracelet, a jump ring, etc.

Engravable Silver pendants:

Polished sterling silver pendant engraved with the name initials suspended with a chain is a stunning piece of jewelry. A variety of monogram silver earrings to choose form is gettable form the market.

During festive occasion or special days, these engravable silver pendants can be gifted to near and dear ones. Inscription of words with love, faith and appreciation, adds the personal. Engraved personalized messages on sterling silver are the romantic gift, appreciation or a token of friendship reflects your care for him/her.

Thai Silver pendants:

Thai silver pendants are made in the northern Thailand, using traditional tribal methods which are passed from one generation to another. Thai silver jewelry imbibes within it traditional craft. The silver content is high up to 95-99% which is even higher than the sterling. The higher silver content is softer and easier to shape into unique and wonderful styles.

Silver Moonstone Pendant
Silver Moonstone Pendant
Red Stone Silver Pendant
Red Stone Silver Pendant
Garnet Silver Pendant
Garnet Silver Pendant
Engraved Silver Pendant
Silver Pendant
Black Onyx Pendant
Black Onyx Silver Pendant
Silver Pendant Ruby Pearl
Silver Pendant Blue Topaz
Silver Pendant Amethyst
Silver Pendant Moonstone Emerald
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