How To Preserve Your Hand Hooked Rugs

Displaying an area rug either in a corner or as the centerpiece of your room helps to enhance the attractiveness of a relatively dull room. The home décor can be made even more interesting when you experiment with the colours as well as the different shapes and sizes of the rugs. Of the many varieties that are available at the market, hand hooked rugs certainly serve as one of the most elegant looking ones.

While hand hooked rugs can create an overtly dramatic look emphasizing your interiors most pleasantly, it would not do to forget about them completely and leave them be once you have placed them where they look the best. You do have to take regular care of them too. There are a number of ways how you can take care of your hand hooked rugs properly.

  • If you are keen to have one of the beautiful hand hooked rugs on your floors, be careful in choosing the area. The first and foremost requirement that you need to keep in mind is to avoid moist and damp places. As a result, placing it just outside your living room door or in front of the kitchen or bathroom will certainly not be advisable. On the contrary, take care to keep it away from high footfall areas by placing it in a room which is visited rather infrequently and keeps dry all through the year.
  • Storage of the hand hooked rugs need special care too. You cannot just fold it and pack it in within a box. Folding will put pressure on the burlap which serves as the foundation. It can therefore get damaged if you try to fold it by duress. Roll it up instead and store in a cool dry place. This will ensure that your rug stays as good as new even if you take it out after a long period of time.
  • Hanging up your hand hooked rug on the wall can be a wonderful alternative to tapestry. You can keep one hanging on the wall of your living room or bedroom thus helping to enhance the interior décor. However, steer clear of trying to paste it on the wall with glues, adhesives or sticky tapes. This may damage the material irrevocably and you get to lose one of your cherished possessions. The best way to hang it would be to get it framed. Take the help of a professional instead of trying to do it yourself. This will undoubtedly help you to protect the beautiful piece of rug along with getting to display it prominently.
  • You need to exercise caution while cleaning it as well. Vacuuming it gently will be enough. Do not try to vacuum it too hard or it may result in the wonderfully artistic rug getting frayed. Just clean any stains that may occur with the help of a moist cloth and light detergent. Washing it in copious amounts of water is a strict no-no.

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