Miniature Paintings

miniature_painting_guru_granth_ragmalaGuru Granth Ragamala-Miniature Painting

Dimension: 12x10 inches

Miniature Paintings are examples of superb and skilled talent exhibited by the Indian artists by doing exemplary painting work on palm leaf. Considering the small size of the palm leaves, the images drawn were comparatively small in size and colored as well. The intricate and detailed work involved in developing a miniature painting is worth great appreciation and value.

Miniature Paintings gained prominence in the 11th and 12th century when people

starting developing manuscripts to store valuable knowledge using palm leaves. This art got great boost by the Mughals who ruled over India over that period.

Some of the great miniature paintings gain inspiration from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagvata Purana, Rasikpriya, Rasamanjiri as well as ragas of Indian classical music etc. At the same time you will be the able to find Miniature paintings in the manuscripts of Jains, Buddhist, Rajput, and Mughal theories and texts.

Rajasthan has been the leading state with regards to Miniature painting and even today different miniature art schools do exist in the regions of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mughal, Kangra and Mewar.

The Jodhpur School of Miniature paintings depict love scenes of lovers Dholu and Maru on camel back. There are hunting scenes with elephants and horses also available. The major colors used in this style of painting are gold and stone color.

The Mughal paintings feature stylized imagery in rich draped figures with a blend of Indian and Persian styles. Some other themes of Mughal Miniature Painting revolve around love scenes, Mughal Royal courts and the battle fields in gold and stone colors.

A stark difference between the Rajput and the Mughal miniature paintings is in the use of colors. While the Mughal school features muted colors, giving it a shadow and depth, the Rajasthan School uses bold primary colors which give the painting an abstract look.

Some of the other Schools of Miniature Painting include paintings from Malwa, Bundhelkhand Raghogarh, Bani Thani and so on. The folk miniature paintings emerged in two different styles known as Phads and Pichwais. These were developed by the artisans and peasants and are equally attractive and vibrant.

Technique: A high degree of expertise is required as it involves the use of a very fine brush. The strokes should be absolutely perfect as they should be intricate, colorful and rational impressions. The colors used are mainly derived from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, gold and silver which are obtained through a painstaking process.

Paper painting in Miniature art are done on old or new hand made paper of very fine quality that depict Animals, Birds, Butterfly, Mughal themes and more. One can put these as wall hanging decorations. Miniature paintings made of pure marble slabs that feature Mythology, Birds, Turbans, Women and Mughal themes can be used as table tops or wall frames as well.

Miniature Painting are painstaking efforts of skill and talent exhibited by Indian artisans. They have been well acclaimed and received by the world all over.

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Raga Sarang
Raga Sarang-Miniature Painting
Raga Hindola
Raga Hindola-Miniature Painting
Krishna Lifting Govardhan Miniature Painting
Krishna Lifting Govardhan Miniature Painting
Jahangir presents Prince Khurram with a turban ornament
Mughal Ceremony-Miniature Painting
Hanuman: Miniature Painting
Hanuman Miniature Painting
Guru Granth Ragamala
Guru Granth Ragamala-Miniature Painting
Sitar Painting with Golden Work
Sitar Painting with Golden Work-Miniature Painting
Singing Old Man: Miniature Painting
Singing Old Man Miniature Painting
Shah Jahan hunting lions at Burhanpur
Hunting Expedition-Miniature Painting


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