Handmade Office Set

Handmade Office Set
Dimension: 13 x 10 inches

In simpler terms Paper Crafts can be defined as a fine art of paper. Paper Crafts which is a form of Indian Crafts is a very innovative mode of designing. It can be used to decorate your house and office. Paper Crafts are models usually made from heavy paper sheets. Paper crafts are also known as card models or paper models.

With modern developments, huge and really vast variety of products made out of paper crafts are available all across the globe. Not only for decoration or designing purpose, the paper craft products of numerous shapes and sizes can also be used as a stylish gift item.

A brief Idea of Paper Crafts:

In India, the heritage and tradition of paper crafts is really old. It is generally an ancient craft idea that is classic and at the same time contemporary. Paper craft is a blend of skill, speed, creativity and patience. Paper craft is described as a seasonal activity. In India paper crafts are vividly used for decorations of various types. For instance it can be used in the form of kites, effigies, flowers, lamp shades, fans, bowls and many more. It is a fact, that some of the paper crafts are influenced with the ideas of various cultures. Moreover, the festivals and ritual manifestations of the several Indian religions contributes to flourishment of paper crafts.

Some of the Popular types of Paper Crafts:

  • Origami: It is a paper craft pattern that is used for developing structures of different types, shapes and sizes by folding of paper. It is an essential paper craft pattern. Basically, this particular craft is a Japanese style of paper craft work.
  • Paper Marbling: By using this technique of paper craft pieces of coloured papers are developed. This type of paper craft is used for putting colours on white pieces of paper. Strong quality of paper is used for producing marble papers.
  • Paper Tole: With this mode of paper craft, soothing spectacular three dimensional images are formed. With the help of this particular type of paper craft several indistinguishable prints are collected, layered and are finally given a fine shape. The tools required for this paper craft are knife, scissors, cutting board, graphic pen, shaping tools, glue and craft tweezers.
  • Quilling: In this unique kind of paper craft idea, very thin sheets of paper are rolled and folded in order to produce different kinds of attractive sizes and shapes. This technique demands materials that are easily available and are cost-effective.
Stick Diary 9x5
Handmade Stick Diary
Office Set (5 Items)
Handmade Office Set
Note Pad with Gem Stone Painting
Handmade Note Pad
Small Note pad
Handmade Small Note Pad
Diary Jeans Shaped
Handmade Jeans Diary
Small Bahi
Handmade Paper Diary
Cloth Diary
Handmade Cloth Diary
Finger Paper Diary
Handmade Paper Diary
Jacket Note Pad
Handmade Jacket Note Pad


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